Next time you visit Hawley Wharf, you might notice something a little different. In March 2022, we unveiled Helicoidal Mirror; a brand new interactive installation that illuminates a historic skewed railway arch.

The bright idea of multidisciplinary art practice Jason Bruges Studio, this piece of art is formed from 10 digital totems that reflect movement as people pass by – meaning you’ll notice interactive, subtle illuminations as you walk through. Stationed in a railway arch that elevates the railway lines above, it can be found lighting up the space at Camden Market Hawley Wharf between Chalk Farm Road and the canal, right in the middle of our two Waterside Halls buildings.

Jason Bruges, the founder and creative director of Jason Bruges Studio said that the aim of Helicoidal Mirror was to celebrate what already exists at Camden Market Hawley Wharf. On his inspiration, Jason states “I was intrigued by the way the historic arch frames and distorts the world around it. It simultaneously conceals and reveals what exists beyond.”

The light installation is open to the public, and can be found by walking down Water Lane, Camden, or alternatively from between the two Waterside Halls buildings at Camden Market Hawley Wharf.

Helicoidal Mirror, Photos: Sandra Ciampone courtesy of Jason Bruges Studio