Come here for… Ottoman-inspired jewellery and gemstones

Premium jewellery sourced directly from Turkey, Janti stocks a wide selection of sterling silver and gold plated pieces that are inspired by the opulence of Ottoman-era Istanbul.

Translating the history of Assyrian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations into modern, wearable jewellery, the collections at Janti Jewel stand out from the crowd with unique ranges unlike anything you see on the high street. With necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets available, some of Janti’s most unique pieces include real leaf jewellery; real leaves collected from across the globe, dried and filigreed to encapsulate the unique leaf structure forever in gold or silver.

With stores in the Grand Bazaars of Istanbul, Janti Jewel have come to Camden Markey Hawley Wharf with their opulent jewellery to transport visitors to the iconic street markets of Turkey.

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