Slow-cooked French duck confit

Duck Duck serve an uncomplicated menu that is a testament to the traditional French method of confit – the art of cooking food at a low temperature slowly over a long period – resulting in meat that is melt in the mouth.

Delicious duck confit is served two ways at the counter of Duck Duck, in a wrap with rocket salad, or as a plate with salad, spring onion, red cabbage, flat bread and rosemary fries. Each comes with a choice of caramelized onion chutney, plum sauce, hoi-sin sauce or hot sauce.

The Duck Duck team’s succulent duck confit meat is made using a traditional French recipe, slow cooking duck legs with fresh herbs and spices, shredding the meat and stir frying for a crispy finish

All dishes are made with free range duck meat, reared on that has been 100% natural feed using no GM ingredients.

Make sure you try…

The truffle parmesan fries, the perfect side to a crispy confit duck wrap