T's Fried Scoop

Deep Fried & Delicious Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, yes, it's really fried ice cream! T's Fried Scoop is the first of its kind, combining frozen scoops of flavoursome ice cream - from classic clotted cream, strawberry and coconut to tropical ube, mellow matcha or sweet black coconut - with a hot, crisp batter coating. Don't miss the mouth-watering toppings either, including Lotus Biscoff, Oreos and salted caramel sauce, and plenty of vegan-friendly options.


This ethical, sustainable, zero-waste, vegan-friendly brand is also guilt-free as it's a carbon-neutral - meaning they help to plant trees and provide clean water supplies across the globe! What's not to love?


Plus, get three free mini doughnuts when you leave a Google review!



Water Lane, Camden Market Hawley Wharf

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